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Podcast on PHP, Software Design, and Testing, by @everzet and @mathiasverraes

Episode #005: Test First, After and Beyond

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Testing is more than TDD. There’s a whole world out there of ideas and testing strategies you can employ to grow the team’s confidence in the code. In this episode, Mathias and Konstantin talk about topics such as:

  • Testing after the code was written
  • Characterisation tests
  • Behavioral, functional and integrations tests
  • When and when not to use code coverage, as well as other metrics such as refactorability
  • How tests help to get a sustainable pace
  • Confidence as the most important metric for test quality
  • The benefits of throwing away tests, sometimes even systematically

Be sure to let us know what you think, and any questions you might have!

Episode #004: Testing Resistance

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In this episode, Konstantin and Mathias discuss some of the reasons team have trouble getting started with testing.

We talk about how frameworks, and especially their documentation, do little to make it easier. But we are to blame as well: the Conference speakers, bloggers, and community leaders, talk about Quality Assurance, but we are inadvertently creating barriers. Instead of helping people, often we make it harder for them to admit to not knowing how to properly test. We discuss the need for finding the smallest testable units, and how kata’s can help you get familiar with the tools. Finally, Everzet gives you some homework.

Episode #002: The Heart and Soul of OOP

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Join Konstantin and Mathias in a deep exploration of Value Objects.

This time we’re keeping it very focused on one subject — and we both learned some new ideas from each other in the process! We feel it’s our best episode yet ;–) Topics covered include:

  • Value Objects, Entities and Identity
  • Money as an example
  • Immutability
  • Encapsulating behaviour along with the Value Object state
  • Contracts, composition and other OOP features
  • Casting and parsing from and to Value Objects
  • Persisting Value Objects with Doctrine or other ORM’s.

In other news, we’ve been working on various additions. We’ve submitted the podcast feed to iTunes, and we are now waiting for Apple to accept it. Please keep sending us your ideas (or pull requests!), so we can improve your experience. We’re both very busy and total podcast noobs, so allow us some time to get the details sorted.

Episode #001: Design Is Hard

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Hello world! We are Konstantin Kudryashov aka @everzet and Mathias Verraes aka @mathiasverraes.

We decided at the PHPNW13 conference to start a PHP podcast. In our very first podcast episode ever, we discuss the importance of design. And, because we might as well start with a bang, we talk about caching and naming things as well. We’re all over the place :–)

Please leave your feedback in the comments or on Twitter. Let us know what topics you’d like us to discuss next, our any specific questions you might have.